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Discussions allow you to contribute to an online dialogue around a specific initiative. Keene School District staff create and monitor discussions. Each discussion has one or more subtopics where you can add your thoughts or respond to other users’ comments.


On the evening of January 14, 2014, in the KHS Auditorium, the Keene School Board of Education led a Public Hearing to discuss the six articles which would be present on the warrant to be voted on in March. You still have an opportunity to express your opinion and ask questions! Join the discussion and add comments.

During the month of January, Administration and members of the Elementary Building Steering Committee members will join the PTA meetings at each Elementary School within Keene School District to present on the Elementary Restructuring Project. Please continue the discussion by visiting your related topic thread.

Fuller Elementary School PTA, on January 9 at Fuller

Jonathan Daniels Association, on January 13 at JD

Symonds School PTA, on January 15 at Symonds

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School PTC & Wheelock School PTA, on January 22 at Franklin


On May 1, 2014 and May 7, 2014, Assistant Superintendents Dan Black and Reuben Duncan met with K-8 Parents and students at Keene Middle School to discuss their thoughts, hopes, ideas, and dreams for Keene High School. 

The conversation was focused around the following three questions:

1. What made Keene High School special in the past?
2. What makes Keene High School special now?
3. You have hopes and dreams for your children. If Keene High School were to meet and exceed every single one of your hopes and dreams, what would Keene High School look like? What would be different? What would be the same?

Feedback from this and other groups will be used to support the collaborative development of a Strategic, Short and Long, Range Plan for Keene High School over the next year. 

Earlier this year, a new photography company, Geskus Photography Inc., was selected to take the school portraits, replacing the longtime vendor, Hockmeyer Studios. A selection committee made the choice based on substantially less-expensive pricing as well as good references from school districts that has employed, Geskus Photography, Inc.

As each school has now had their initial round of photo sessions with Geskus Photography, Inc., Keene School District opened a review of their performance. Parents offered their feedback and Keene School District met with Geskus Photography for discussion.

UPDATE: Attached you will find the official decision reached by Keene School District regarding Geskus Photography.

Keene School District has compiled the basics to assist parents in understanding and transitioning to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Now we need your help to evolve our resources to answer the questions and concerns that our parents, guardians, and community members still have surrounding Common Core. 


Keene School District appreciates your feedback.